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Building owners and managers have significant responsibilities under Health & Safety related regulations, disabled access requirements, and compliance and standards for lifts and escalators. Lift technology is both complex and expensive, and without expert knowledge, a purchaser or specifier may choose an incorrect solution that could prove costly, have an adverse effect, and/or be of little or no benefit. Poor selection of equipment can have a detrimental effect in terms of both initial and ongoing costs, as well as on reliability and longevity.

Lift engineering is a specialised area and many established M&E engineering consultancy practices fail to offer the expert knowledge and engineering advice necessary to modernise existing lifts and ensure high quality new lift installations.

JB Lift Consultants are able to assess and advise on compliance issues and obtain the most competitive prices from lift and escalator contractors. Our professional advice will result in correct specification and selection of equipment, ensuring that our clients obtain best value in both the short and long terms.

JB Lift Consultants favour a robust, generic solution for both modernisation and new lift projects. Generic solutions avoid the possibility of our clients being restricted to a single lift manufacturer for service and maintenance over the life of the lift. Proven generic equipment can be easily maintained by any capable lift contractor and the manufacturers technical support is always available, as are spare parts, at reasonable cost.